Thank you for inquiring about firewood and tree services with Conscious Clearing
Conscious Clearing, located in Boulder Creek, CA has provided tree and firewood services from the North to South Bay in Northern California for over a decade.  We are committed to environmentally sound practices; and working with community outreach, including support to local schools.  Working hands-on with each customer on an individual basis, we provide quality service at affordable rates. 
  • Firewood sales
  • Land management
  • Stump grinding
  • Poison oak removal
  • Tree removal - weight reduction and pruning
  • Milling
  • Landscaping and gardening services

Conscious clearing will go out the way to make your experience with us a pleasant one.

Conscious Clearing is fully licenced and insured and guarantees customer satisfaction. We are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.

References are available upon request.  We also appreciate feedback regarding our firewood and tree services.  

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Firewood Inquiries
The owner and company, stands behind the firewood which is 100% guaranteed for heating and is a mix of seasoned and dry wood for a long burn.  Our wood has aged from 12 months to two years or more and we make our best effort to keep the wood consistent and available all year long.  Delivery generally takes between two to five days.  We use only local hard firewood consisting of both oak and madrone. Other types of wood are available upon request; however,  We avoid almond and any type of fruit wood from the central valley due to the fact that the trees were very likey sprayed with pesticides which would create a toxic release in your home and the environment. We are conscious about where the wood is sourced for the overall health of the environment.


Tree and Garden Service Inquiry

We are a small hands on company offering customized tree and garden services for our clients' unique needs.   We handle each project personally and with a high level of detail and consistency and follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.  We have a high rate of repeat business and referrals in the communities we serve due to our personal service.  Estimates are complimentary as well as consultation of the best approach to complete projects.    

 Email:  Burkebley@gmail.com

Phone:  (831) 338-0106  or  (408) 438-3370




firewood sales


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Firewood Sales:  We specialize in quality hardwood firewood (oak and madrone) as well as a variety of softwood firewood (fir and pine).  Our standard firewood size is 16 inches; however, customized firewood sizes may also be requested.  We offer both green and dry firewood; the dry firewood is seasoned from one to two years.  Stacking of firewood is available.  Our standard turnaround time for firewood sales is one to two days in the off season (April-June) and three to five days from June to April.  Emergency firewood delivery is available upon request.  Prices on our firewood vary depending on the type of firewood and delivery time you purchase.  We offer senior discounts on firewood.

Conscious Clearing is currently providing boxwood (one cubic foot) in retail locations with part of the firewood proceeds are contributed to various local charities. 

Land Management:  Our goal is to help landowners develop a conscious approach to land management practices such as; erosion control, grading, tree removal etc. 

Tree Removal:  Conscious clearing provides All phases of tree removal work including:  weight reduction of trees, shaping, pruning, cabling, and hazardous tree removal.   Clearing land is done selectively to protect the environment. 

Landscaping and Gardening Services:  Conscious clearing offers a variety of landscaping and gardening services.  Conscious Clearning also offers monthly upkeep gardening service.  Senior rates available for landscaping and gardening services.